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Virility Ex – Grow Penis Size Or Is It A Scam? – Find Out NOW!


Virility Ex – Grow Penis Size Or Is It A Scam? – Find Out NOW!

Virility Ex seems to be one of those male enlargement program that’s all over the place on several online male sites and you probably have seen it before.

This “program” does promote to enlarge penis by length and girth, but many guys (as myself) are concerned if maybe it’s a scam or not !?

Well we are going to find out right now if my penis size will grow when using this Virility Ex.



Name of Product: Virility Ex

Website: www.VirilityEx.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 41 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2 Months

Moneyback Guarantee: 90 Days Policy Return


What Is Virility Ex?

It’s is a male product which they call it a “penis enlargement program“, and what it supposedly does is, enlarge the package of every men.

However, not only they promote that sexual activity will be more enjoyable, but stamina will increase with a harder penis on demand.

Claims to change sex life by stimulating greater sexual pleasure.

Yet, they do call it the “rated #1 top male enhancement & enlargement program” where it should restore user’s sexual health for a healthier penis, as the company claims.

As we get older, libido decreases and this “program” will rise libido function to a higher level.

The company named this Virility Ex as a program because not only this complete package comes with the pills, but exercises routines are also included.

They do give out bonuses of free gifts when ordering the package.

In fact, Virility Ex is from the same manufacturer of the Natural Gain Plus.

Their company who we did find, is called the (Natural Products Association) and according to them, they have been around for years since 2002.

Yes, they do have many affiliate promoting websites online to claim that this “program” and other similar programs works effectively. Keep reading !

How It Works?

This Virility Ex program with the “enlargement” pills, it should reinforce blood circulation to reach the penis tissues and what it does is increase more blood to the penile chambers.

Now with the active-ingredients in a proprietary blend, it produces sexual hormones for more production of testosterone to strengthen erections with increasing sperm count.

Exercises they want we as customer users to do, supposedly may increase the size of blood vessels and that way, the more blood will travel to the penis chambers to fill in.

Therefore, they claim that penis will develop 2-4″ full inches in length and girth.


Virility Ex formula only carries a few natural pure herbs.

Just like most other male enlargement system that also promotes to increase penis size, they most likely carries herbs with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients all combined together for maximum results.

But the Virility Ex pills, the herbals that contains in the combination of compounds are Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Damiana, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Sarsaparilla, Tribulus Terrestris, Oat Straw, Muira Puama, Elk Velvet Antler, and Catuaba.

All of these ingredients were not listed at official sales page, but we found at promoting websites.

The compounds will stimulate blood flow to penis, which creates a hard erection.

Product’s company does highly claim that it’s 100% safe to cause no negative or harmful side effects.

Who Is Virility Ex For?

It should be for me as a customer user and all men worldwide who needs to gain 1-3″ full inches.

Are you an average size or smaller? If yes, then they claim it’s for you !

By using this “program” and following the directions to take the pills as directed, my erections should be strong and powerful to reach more like “super rock hard“.

Sex drive and libido increases for a better sexual performance.

I should be able to control ejaculation for more intense orgasms.

My confidence levels and self-esteem will soar, as according to them.

Surprisely, not only my penis will grow to a larger, bigger state, but they promote many benefits to improve sexual lifestyle and penis health.

How Do I Take Virility Ex Pills?

Each bottle comes with 60 tablets and according to them, they want all users to take 2 tablets after 30 minutes from eating a meal.

One website states that they suggest me to take the pills on either, after breakfast or after lunch, but not before bedtime.

Moreover, no prescription portion is necessary !



  • Promotes to Increase Size Dramatically
  • Sex Drive and Performance will Rise
  • Claims its 100% Safe – No Side Effects
  • Libido and Pleasure Increases
  • Orgasms should be More Intense
  • Stronger and Powerful Erection Achieves
  • All Natural Herbs ( The Ingredients )
  • Company sells Various “Programs” – Known
  • Improves Confidence + Sexual Health
  • Promotes a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Contains Yohimbe: Many people will not use a product that has this herb due to side effects. – Headaches, Heart beats rapidly, etc.
  2. Way too many websites promoting this Virility Ex “program with different claims – Makes it seem that they all just want money.
  3. Hyped up claims with only a few herbs – 3-4″ full inches, is it possible?
  4. The free trial, they want all visitors to add their credit card information and process a shipping/handling fee.
  5. No doctor recommendation or any clinical studies for evidence to prove that it actually works.
  6. Many websites who does have this so-called “program“, have different information, which makes it seem to me that it might be a scam.


They do have a 90 day money back guarantee, as according to Virility Ex official website (www.VirilityEx.com).

I can contact them by giving them a call.

However, we now know that Virility Ex is from the same company as the (Natural Gain Plus) and we did a review on this other so-called “penis enlargement program“, and we couldn’t find real information for any guarantee policy.

For a fact, the reason why I am comparing both of these sexual products because the manufacturer provided all similar ingredients, same bonuses, and the web page development is the same exactly thing.


Yes, very “sketchy” in my opinion !

We actually can’t find any proof that this Virility Ex program really works to increase penis size.

All websites does promise different claims and many different information, so which one should I believe !?

One of them actually promotes that it’s the official website !

Yet, Virility Ex might be the number one program because they give out affiliate links to anyone and I mean anyone to make money and promote.

But if something is real, shouldn’t all information about product’s label be similar or alike?

Well, they do state that all packages and order comes in as discrete for nobody to find out what’s inside the package.

Conclusion + My Opinion

Why are there too many misleading information on each promoting website?

One mentions less ingredients with only (7 Herbs) and includes 90 tablets in each bottle, “huh?!” and another website states to have over 20 ingredients, where it actually mentions amino acids with nutrients together.

We don’t know who to believe but I will always go for the official website, even though they failed to provide the ingredient list and no proof of nothing.

They do claim that there is a risk free trial and that is not true, because your credit card information is needed to process a fee, which is in risk for monthly charges from my personal experience.

So my question would be, is Virility Ex a scam?

Yes, I won’t hesitate to call it a scam in my opinion, especially how they throw free bonuses to all customers for just to order this “program“, and we actually found out that these gifts are “shitty” very weak stuffs.

I as a customer user have tried numerous of these type of “get-bigger-pills” and I never had reached the size I ever wanted.

Matter fact, I didn’t achieve no size at all with “enlargement pills” because they don’t work !

But in today’s world, I did grow more than 2″ inches by restarting puberty process all over again. Yes, I will tell you more at my review from using the Penis Enlargement Bible.


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