VLC Tugger Review – Penis Enlargement Device by TLC-Cone, Straps

VLC Tugger Review – Penis Enlargement Device by TLC-Cone, Straps

We all know that they are numerous types of methods that claim penis enlargement.

Yet, we as men should not let the promising advertisement mix your brain up so let’s see what we got here today about the VLC Tugger Penis Enlargement Device.

It’s a method to wear it and according to the promoting website, you can expect real growth on penis size.

This review we’ll talk about overall penis enlargement plus demonstrate VLC Tugger Penis Enlargement Device.


Name of Product: VLC Tugger Penis EnlargementVLC-Tugger-penis-enlargement-device-results-review-reviews-consumers-overview-before-and-after-pictures-becoming-alpha-male

Websites: Available in eBay Website

Minimum Price: For Only $61.00 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 56 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: eBay Does Say to Have a Return Policy

What Exactly Is VLC Tugger?

This type of method as you see on the picture above, it’s a TLC-Cone strategy with straps for pulling to cause penis enlargement.

The only retail website that seems to have it available would be the one and only eBay site.

As they explained, this VLC Tugger should be safe to cause no harmful negative side effects but only natural growth on your manhood’s size.

What it does is add tension to the penis shaft and by doing that, it should lead to cell growth after a while from wearing it.

Yes, it’s like weight-hanging except this penis enlargement device carries a strap to hold your member.

Is it comfortable?

Well, they do mention that it’s the greatest comfort system, very easy-to-use plus discreet from wearing it.VLC-Tugger-penis-enlargement-device-results-review-reviews-consumers-overview-before-and-after-pictures-how-it-works-becoming-alpha-male

How Does It Work?

According to the retailer, the VLC Tugger cone was designed by silicone rubber for comfort where they claim it’s a new and improved Clear retaining cone.

They simply said that the penis is not muscle because the new healthy cells do not grow in response to “break down” or microtrauma. 

Which, is why this VLC Tugger should work for penis enlargement on gaining natural and real growth that you’re looking for.

By having your member flaccid, all you would do is apply the VLC Tugger cone onto the penis then clip the elastic strap to the metal handle and wrap it around the leg.

It should be comfortable grip and add a gentle tension by stretching the penis downward.

According to them, it should be worn throughout the day for the growth of cells to occur.

For how long?

The editor of the promoting ads claims he wears it from 9-5pm in a single day at his job plus “all night long”.

It should be worn under the briefs to let the tension gently stretch the penis.

How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

No, those “penis enlargement pills” who claims growth will not work to give inches in your manhood’s size.

Even though they are many of them all around the internet, none of them actually have “real proof” to work in increasing size.

Now, for those who don’t know, the penis enlargement pumps and extender traction devices should work in a completely natural way.

Pumps work by adding pressure to the chamber which causes blood circulation to create a hard erection and overtime, it allows your member to hold more blood for a bigger, harder tool.

The extender devices is a stretching method for gaining more length.

Yes, you would have to wear it for a period of time throughout the day just like the VLC Tugger for the cells to multiply and grow the tissues.

Penile surgery is another option. Except, it can be dangerous and cause serious side effects.

VLC Tugger OverviewVLC-Tugger-penis-enlargement-device-results-review-reviews-consumers-overview-before-and-after-pictures-how-it-works-system-becoming-alpha-male

The Good:

  • Increases Penis Size
  • Should Be Safe
  • Mentions Easy-to-Use
  • Fair Price – $61.00
  • Cause Growth Naturally
  • Does Say it’s Comfortable
  • Should be a Discrete Device

The Bad:

  1. It’s only for penis enlargement and not for other features such as Erectile Dysfunction, improve the sexual experience, etc.
  2. There is no official website found but only available in eBay.
  3. No proof of anything to back up the “penis enlargement” claims.
  4. There is no professional endorsement to provide safety for all users.
  5. No product’s company to locate their background.


Yes, I know that eBay website does have a money back guarantee but I don’t know exact how their policy works.

Because I am not an eBay’s huge fan since there are many products out there that are not really the “original” one in my opinion.VLC-Tugger-penis-enlargement-device-results-review-reviews-consumers-overview-before-and-after-pictures-how-it-works-system-cone-becoming-alpha-male

Especially those cheap items.

We don’t know who the product’s company/manufacturer is to see what they have to offer.

The VLC Tugger Penis Enlargement Device does state to mail discreet package to all buyers.

Final Verdict

Believe it or not, this device failed to back up the penis enlargement advertisement.

I really can’t see how well this “strap” technique can hold on to the penis without causing slippage after a while of usage unless you get with an extender device such as the X4 Labs as what consumers have done.


Because It’s basically like “penis hanging weights” where it grabs from the glans (head) or the foreskin and not from the chambers of tissues.

Now imagine 10-12 hours! It’s plenty of hours to actually wear it under clothing.

I actually know a penis enlargement system that does have a strap technology but it doesn’t just gently pull the penis, it’s a 2-step approach with a pumping process as well.

This unique system that I’m about to show you, we (men) only have to wear it for only 3-6 hours, and it does have doctor endorsements for recommendation and approval.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-system-becoming-alpha-male

Phallosan Forte System is more than just a penis enlargement system. According to its company, their product should help with erectile dysfunction, helps with the Peyronie’s Disease and improve sexual experience.

In that case, I’ll stop by the Phallosan Forte review to see if its really for you as well!


What can you say about this review? Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel completely free to let me know. Throw me a reply!


  1. Jack says:

    I have an extender, (I’ll leave the name out) and it cracks me up how all of them claim to be the best when they are the same! The build quality might be different, but I am surprised at the lack of imagination, and technology that these have. They are plastic and metal and nothing more yet hundreds of dollars. There is zero smart technology with them and there is little difference from the first one ever made, to the ones now. Anyway, the one I use now wants to cut my balls off if I wear it down, and if I wear it up, it digs into the area just above my shaft. A designer couldn’t think of a better way to flatten out the base of the extender?To help get rid of the problem, I try to stuff toilet paper under the base but it’s ridiculous that one would have to do this when it seems like there would be an easy design fix. Another issue is trying to put it on and strap in without pinching the hell out my junk. I shouldn’t have to buy bandages and or the foam that comes with and hope that it doesn’t shift while I am strapping in. Again, there isn’t a better design for this area either. I am sure these companies make enough money. It is time they start reinvesting that money to make these things more comfortable to wear, instead of still capitalizing on old technology and preying on men’s insecurities .

    I have never tried the phallosan, or any suction method Vs the extender, but I might give it a try and hope that it is more comfortable than the one I currently am not wearing because of the discomfort. The lame part is,… I never stop wearing my device because of discomfort from stretching. The streching never hurts. It is always from discomfort in how the part comes in contact with my body.

  2. william rohde says:

    Can you furnish a belt for mounting the tugger around the waist.?

    • Hey William,

      In that case, you would need to check with the product’s company/website. I’m not a sales person or manufacturer, I only do reviews on such products. Look up on Google to see if you could get that.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  3. Eduardo Marques says:


    The VLC Tugger is a product from the TLC Tugger, official website at http://tlctugger.com/%5D%5D



    • Thanks Eduardo. I will make sure I update the review ASAP. Do you have any personal experience with this “penis enlargement” method?

      Julio Owner/Editor

      • Eduardo Marques says:

        It’s very easy to put and confortable. I put just after my Bathmate morning session and use it everyday for all day long since september 2014, had good results.

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