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VP-RX Oil Review – Does VP-RX Oil Really Work? Is There Any Side Effects? Find Out Here


VP-RX Oil Review – Does VP-RX Oil Really Work? Is There Any Side Effects? Find Out Here

The VP-RX Oil claims it’s an “instant sexual enhancement” to immediately boost up your sexual performance, plus the power and other sexual benefits as well.

We have actually reviewed the formula of pills from the same brand and we actually found it as a great product.

VP-RX Oil is a lubricant item, who promotes as an effective and safe formula to enhance sexual experience.

As I’m looking at their primary official website, it states that it’s the #1 choice for all men to use.

But that’s not the case, we need to find out on all about VP-RX Oil, if they can really back up the promises and claims.

Follow down to see more !VP-RX-Oil-Review-Does-VP-RX-Oil-Really-Work-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-users-online-future-inc-complaints-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: VP-RX Oil

Website: www.OnlineFutureInc.com/VPRX-Oil

Minimum Price: 1 Bottle Supply – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 55 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What is VP-RX Oil?

VP-RX Oil claims as an effective and powerful topically used male enhancement lubricant produced to optimize the efficiency, size and the power of men’s sexual organ.

Thereby, providing a satisfying sexual impression !

This newly formulated lubricant, as stated, has been used by men to achieve more satisfaction as regards sexual activities.

Also, from research and various findings, it has been proven to give a very good satisfaction during sexual activities, increase sexual pleasure and strength in a very special and powerful manner.

Additionally, VP-RX Oil has been shown to enlarge the size of the male erectile organ.

The constituents of VP-RX Oil have been stated to be 100% United States Pharmacopoeia approved for food use and are also stated to be hypo-allergic.VP-RX-Oil-Review-Does-VP-RX-Oil-Really-Work-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-users-online-future-inc-complaints-bottles-new-version-becoming-alpha-male

Product’s company introduced a newer version of formula to market, where it’s not the same bottle’s label as before/

Yes, it states that it’s recommended by doctors!

All they want users to do, is place some drops of VP-RX Oil in the palm and then massage gently on the penis topically.

The process may be repeated as desired or alternatively, increase the quantity used.

VP-RX Oil contact with broken skin and mucous membranes should be highly avoided.

The several claims of VP-RX Oil are;

  • Optimization of the intensity and size of men’s erectile organ;
  • Enlargement of the penis size to a significant size up to 20% larger;
  • The constituents are safe and no adverse effect and/or reactions have been recorded;
  • VP-RX Oil has immediate onset of action as the user achieve powerful erections within a few seconds;
  • It has been proven to provide a satisfactory sexual experience while maintaining energy and vitality.

Though these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, VP-RX Oil has been shown to be risk free (no side effect has been proven). It is also an established fact that VP-RX Oil is not to be used for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease whether sexually transmitted diseases or others.

How VP-RX Oil Works! – Ingredients

VP-RX Oil was manufactured using various natural, herbal concoctions and/or remedies including amino acids, flavors and vitamins.

It has been established to work by boosting sexual functions when applied topically.

L-arginine; an amino acid is known to be one of the ingredients it is made of. The L-arginine is subsequently converted to nitric oxide and serve as a building block to orgasm cycle; hence bringing about the sexual organ boosting in men.

Another mechanism of action of VP-RX Oil as have been established is as a result of its menthol constituent.

Under normal condition, amino acids are not readily absorbed transdermally.

However, the menthol constituent of VP-RX Oil facilitates amino acid absorption through the skin when it is applied topically.

Therefore, there is a quick and effective increase in sexual power and sensitivity when VP-RX oil is applied topically to the male sexual organ.VP-RX-Oil-Review-Does-VP-RX-Oil-Really-Work-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-users-online-future-inc-complaints-bottles-new-version-container-becoming-alpha-male

VP-RX Oil is known to contain other ingredients which include:

Dipropylene glycol, purified water, vegetable glycerin, carbomer, triethanolamine, aloe-vera extract, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methyl paraben, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, natural and artificial flavours and preservatives.

Indications of VP-RX Oil.

VP-RX Oil is known to boost and enhance sexual performance in male, while maintaining sexual pleasure and giving a sensitizing sexual experience.

It is not recommended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease or sexually transmitted disease.

VP-Rx Oil also claims to work to increase the size of the male’s sexual organ.

It is known to boost sexual power and satisfaction/pleasure. Hence, it is known to improve males’ sexual performance.

VP-RX Oil functions/acts in a rapid manner to give couples the intimate sexual pleasure and satisfaction they desire. It is naturally formulated with no significant adverse effect.

Evidently, VP-RX Oil is known to elicit its effect fast when applied topically to the male sexual organ. It is known to cause increased desire for sex as male sexual improvement sets in when used during sexual intercourse.

There have been various merits and/or benefits claimed to be derived from using VP-RX Oil and there has been varieties of testimonials as well. The benefits are outlined below:

  • Enlargement of the penis size (length and width);
  • Stronger and more lasting erections within a few seconds;
  • Amazingly fast onset of action to achieve intimate sexual satisfaction;
  • High sexual power and pleasure;
  • Natural optimization of sexual arousal and sexual organ function.



  • Promotes To Boost Erections
  • Claims To Make You Last Longer
  • Increases Sexual Stamina – Function
  • Intimate Pleasure & Sexual Satisfaction
  • It is known to prevent frictions during Sex
  • Promotes It’s Safe to Use With Condoms
  • States That It’s Doctor’s Approved
  • Carries All Natural & Safe Ingredients
  • Made In USA Under GMP Certified Lab
  • Does Claim to Enlarge Penis Overall Size
  • Increases Sexual Power & Experiences
  • Fast Acting – Gain Results within Few Seconds
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee – Risk Free


  1. Though not yet proven, irritation and burning sensations are rare as observed from several beneficiaries. Hence, there is a very low incidence of adverse effect while using VP-RX Oil.
  2. Found someone to mention about being a “little messy“, which leaves “sticky residue behind“, plus the smell and taste is not so great.
  3. Even though VP-RX Oil states about being “doctor’s approved“, it shows nothing from any of these medical experts for endorsement.
  4. No clinical or scientific evidence was found to back up the formula.
  5. Customer users are saying it did work, but not exactly what they expected.

Customer Support/Guarantee

There are doubtless facts that have backed this up though the claims have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

VP-RX Oil states it’s from a company called (Online Future Inc) and there based in the United States.

Yes, they do carry a 100% money back guarantee and within 100 days, if we as customer users does not get the expected results, send it back and they should return the money back with no questions asked.

According to them, all orders should come in as discreet packages and for the privacy of each user, the payment statement will appear as the company’s name (Online Future Inc).

In fact, VP-RX Oil webpage shares that it was produced in a GMP certified laboratory for the quality and safety.

Keep reading !

Review Summary

While reviewing this male enhancement lubricant formula, VP-RX Oil seems to me that it might just be “another” lubrication item in today’s industry.

Perhaps, VP-RX Oil can help you manage your erectile and/or sexual impotency; hence make you achieve your expected sexual satisfaction with no significant side and/or adverse effects.

But the size growth results? You might be disappointed because from the ingredient’s list, L-Arginine is probably the only sexual compound to boost up the blood flow to the male sexual organ.

VP-RX Oil shows nothing from proof of evidence that it can really back up the claims and promises.

Now even though, they mention “doctors recommendation“, they failed to show any of theses “doctors” at their main webpage, or any clinical studies to make us as customer users to truly believe in such a product.

Thereby, It’s my pleasure to show something that I personally have used in the past months and I truly found it as an effective male enhancement lube.

The VigRX Oil is a water-based formula and does not leave “sticky or messy residue“, it feels very good in the penis skin, my erections does boost to its max limit after I apply the lube.

Yet, this VigRX Oil contains several sexual aphrodisiacs and not only L-Arginine like the “VP-RX Oil”, which they are many benefits why I personally chose the VigRX Oil.


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