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Vyalis Free Trial – Yes, Grow 3″ 1/2 Inches NOW! = Scam


Vyalis Free Trial – Yes, Grow 3″ 1/2 Inches NOW! = Scam

A male enhancement program promoting huge promises to grow over 3″ inches with a 2-step package, called the Vyalis.

But now we’re going to find out if it’s a scam or not.

Maybe It can really happen, and if so, just imagine the size of your grown manhood !

However, the complete package does not only considered the pills, but an enlargement cream as well. Keep reading!Vyalis2-2-step-method-Review-Results-system-program-male-enhancement-enlarge-size-3-inches-product-scam-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Vyalis

Website: www.Viarexlabs.com/Vyalis

Minimum Price: Free Trial Basis or Sample

Overall Rank (out of 100): 32 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Within 5 Weeks

Money-Back Guarantee: Only Satisfaction Guarantee


What Is Vyalis?

Vyalis is a male enlargement program claiming to increase penis size by 3″ 1/2 when using their methods.

As I mention previously, It’s a 2-step system that comes with not just the enhancement pills. but the “Vyalis Growth Cream” as well.

According to them, penis will dramatically get fuller and longer with more size, plus they also promote to cure the erectile dysfunction issue and improve sexual stamina.

The product’s company state that it’s a non-prescription product, which no doctor visits are needed.

With only the first week of using this 2-step method, I should experience a better sexual functioning with increasing libido, erections becomes stronger and fuller for a larger penis and much more.

How Does Vyalis Sytem Work?

The capsules will stimulate massive blood to the penile tissues, where the penis creates a hard erection.

Now the “Vyalis Growth Cream” works by expanding the penis chambers to open up and that way with the help of the pills, more blood should be able to flow through the chambers.

What happens now is that the penis should be larger when reaching a hard erection because it will travel more blood, as they explain.

They call it “Bio-Engineered Solution” and all 3 of the penile chambers should stretch without any exercises, extenders or any other method.

They guarantee significant results and just unbelievable.


Vyalis system claims to have an all-natural mixture of ingredients to cause no side effects on all customer users.

They state to have a clinically tested record, but doesn’t offer to show any evidence.

However, the company failed to public their product’s ingredient profile because we have searched up on many resources and what we only found, was the name as “nutrients“, but no ingredients list.

Who Is Vyalis Program For?

They state that the pills will aim to user’s (men) brain and what would happen is, the brain releases a hormone causing the body to send blood flow to the penis tissues.

Vyalis program is for all men who does have issues with not being able to create a bigger, longer and harder erections.

In fact, they do support big and hyped-up claims that the benefits of this capsules, are to boost sex drive, orgasms should be more intense and stronger, which that way strengthens the ejaculation process.

Mentions that just by using the pills, myself as a customer user should be able to climax by as much as 9 times in one sexual intercourse. “Wow”

Yes, the main reason for this system is to enlarge my penis size by 3″ 1/2 inches longer and at least one inch in thickness.

I have tried several types of “get-bigger-pills” in the past and all of them failed to give me growth results of inches !

But maybe I might be wrong with this program. Read on!

Sexual desire and libido levels should rise, which it enhances sexual performance for longer-lasting sex.

As my penis will be growing, of course my confidence will fly up the sky.

That’s probably every man’s dream to enlarge their member size, am I right?

How To Use Vyalis 2-Step Methods?

They mention that the responses of pills will work within just a few minutes from taking the Vyalis pills, which makes the ingredients very effective.

According to them, all capsules should be taken prior to having any sexual intercourse and that way I as a customer user will perform better with a rock-hard erection and a longer duration.

The company does say that I may only take the pills when I feel like it, but it have to be at least once or twice a week.

So right there, I find it slightly misleading” information because to increase that much of size, shouldn’t it be taken daily?! Unless the pills are that powerful..


Perhaps, now with the “Vyalis Growth Cream“, they recommend to use it every single day by applying it all over the penis shaft (skin), and they also made a statement that it can be used more than once a day.

Since it’s safe and causes no negative side effects, they suggest to “masturbate” after applying the cream to absorb the ingredients when blood is traveling through the penile chambers.

Amazing statement they made on official website that over a month and half, my penis would have grew tremendously and I should be already up to 3″ full inches of gained size.

Really, is that really possible?

And by that period of time, my overall sexual function should have improved.



  • Claims to gain significant Size in Penis
  • Sexual Stamina + Desire should Rise
  • Orgasms Becomes more Powerful
  • Increases Bigger, Harder & Longer Erections
  • Enhances Sex drive and Improves Libido
  • Builds up Confidence Levels (Self esteem)
  • Promotes that it’s Safe & Completely Natural


  1. Hyped up and over-exaggerated claims to gain dramatically size in a short period of time – 3″ 1/2 Inches is not possible within 5 weeks.
  2. Failed to show the ingredients – Failed lack of information : We don’t know what it’s in the formula’s complex.
  3. No Money Back Guarantee, but only “satisfaction” guarantee .. – Very risky, especially with the exaggerated ads.
  4. Where is the clinical test and scientific studies as they promote? – No proof of evidence to back it up any of the claims.
  5. Promotes to have a “Free Trial”, but when adding shipping information, they forces me to pay the delivery and shipping fees.
  6. Many promoting websites says the same exact statements. – Makes it seem that it’s a totally scam item.


As you now know, there is not enough support information about this “2 step program“.

Except excessive lack of claims, where it seems that all they want is we as visitors to grab an order.

They do have a Vyalis-2-step-system-method-program-Reasons-male-enhancement-enlarge-size-3-inches-product-truth-scam-becoming-alpha-malephone number to contact them, but no company or manufacturer information posted.

I guess they’re afraid to show the company’s background, who knows?

Guarantee is only for “satisfaction“, but no full refund policy.

Many websites who promotes both of these methods, does state the same exactly claims.

The Decision

After reading all about this system, I don’t even have to explain of what I think because you probably already know.

According to our sources, they now have the ” Vyalis2 “, which supposedly is the next generation of the Vyalis system.

Moreover, after reviewing this complete system, I do believe that all they want we as customer users, is to go for the free trial sample and process the shipping fees on my credit card.

So what happens next within a few days, credit card will be charged for the whole supplies.

Yes, it’s a scam and many free trial products does exactly the same process, so watch out !

No, 3-4″ inches is impossible to gain from any enhancement pills or a cream.

Believe it or not, I have used so many of these type of “get-bigger-pills” and all I wanted was at least 2″ inches for the satisfaction of my penis size, and for my full confidence levels to soar.

After many years of just trying several of them and nothing worked, I literally kept going to the next one giving it shot, and still nothing.

However, by today’s date and age, I have gained over 2″ inches, so that’s why right now I am here to help you.

Take a quick look at my review of the Penis Enlargement Bible .. You won’t regret !


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