Xanogen Oil – Extreme or Just “Extra Sensation”? See Here At This Review

Xanogen Oil – Extreme or Just “Extra Sensation”? See Here At This Review

I personally used the Xanogen formula of pills in the recent time frame and it wasn’t that great of a product from my personal experience.

Yet, the company introduced the Xanogen Oil as well to start working immediately to achieve better results, as the claims.

They also promote that by using this lubricant formula, we men will be able to perform like a “pornstar” in bed.

In fact, It’s a fair price so what are the ingredients in this formula?

Is there any reviews from users? Questions keep popping out so why not find out all about Xanogen Oil lubricant item here. Forward down to read more!



Name of Product: Xanogen Oil

Official Website: www.XanogenOil.com


Minimum Price: 1 Bottle of Oil – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 66 Points

Recommended Usage: Works Immediately 

Refund Policy: Claims a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Exactly Is Xanogen Oil?

A lubricant formula to apply before sexual relations or masturbation promotes to “blast your sex life overdrive” with several benefits such as to have mind-blowing sex, increasing sexual drive and say no more to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction issue.

Yes, it should work right away in giving expected results for longer-lasting sex with maintaining a hard erection all time.

According to Xanogen Oil, it labels to stimulate a sensation feeling for more pleasure and satisfaction.

There is no prescription portion required and it should be completely safe causing no negative side effects.

Since I used the formula of pills and I actually did a review from my personal experience with the product, the manufacturer who supports the Xanogen products would be the (Applied Science Labs) based in Hollywood, FL.

This company does have an official website and looking over at their page, they only sell the Xanogen pills and oil which they mention to develop the formulas with the only pharmaceutical grade to carry pure and quality ingredients.

However, there is no proof of any scientific or clinical observations to back up the formulas.

Sadly, we were unable to find any doctor recommendation or approval for both of these products.



Xanogen Oil formula carries a combination from a number of herbal extracts, amino acids, and antioxidants.

They do mention that all of their compounds should be 100% safe, which they are Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine, Ginseng, Tocopherol acetate, Methyl niconate, Epidemii extract, Green tea extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Retinyl palmitate, Deionized water, Ascorbic acid, Aloe vera gel, Glycerine, Cocoa butter, Polysorbate-20, Olive oil, Squalene, Apricot oil, Hawthorne extract, Menthol, Propylene glycol, Propyl paraben, Methyl paraben, White nettle extract, Diazolidinyl urea, Mulberry extract, and Fragrance.

They failed to show the quantity to provide the effectiveness from so many compounds.

But, they mention that it’s effective with these many substances included in one single formula.

How Does Xanogen Oil Claim To Work?

Like every other male enhancement lubrication formula, Xanogen Oil states to boost up blood flow to the penis chambers.

After applying the recommended amount, it should release the active ingredients immediate causing to work instantly meaning right away.

By stimulating blood rushing to the penis, they sincerely explained that it “causes them to grow” but no specific details of “what” could grow.

Penis tissues, cells or overall manhood?



The next procedure that Xanogen Oil promotes would be the testosterone production.

They mention having a chief component called “Epidemii extract” which is unknown or the company probably meant to write the name as the (Epimedium extract) recognized as Horny Goat Weed.

They also claim that they are the “leader” of the natural male enhancement, but how could they be with no proof of nothing to show we as visitors.

According to them and by using this lube oil, it should leave the skin feeling “good“, as the official website explained.


If I were to use this Xanogen Oil, I should experience an “extra sensation” on my penis right away, but you never know how powerful the sensation could be because I wouldn’t want to run straight to the bathroom and try to wash it off depending on the strength.

Which, is why we need proof from consumers experience or a professional’s approval that it’s completely safe as they claim.

Harder, firmer and longer-lasting erections should occur after applying the product on the penis shaft (skin).

Sexual stamina and sex drive should be charged up when entering a sexual activity.

The other promises are also to increase sexual appetite to power up and stimulate sexual arousal.

Matter of fact, the official website of Xanogen Oil claims that customer users “gained 2 inches” as well when using this formula for a period of time.

Yet, on FAQ section they added a statement saying; “Over time, significant gains in length and girth“.

Is that really true or they’re just throwing words out?

Moreover, all I would have to do is apply 5-10 drops onto to the penis skin and massage it to penetrate directly into the bloodstream as they explained.

I shouldn’t need to wait for any long minutes to start working.



  • Enhances Rock-Hard ErectionsXanogen-oil-ingredients-review-extreme-results-scam-pills-lube-how-to-use-xanogen-oil-reviews-price-Guarantee-becoming-alpha-male
  • Claims to Increase Penis Size
  • Stimulates Sexual Stamina
  • Should Improve Sex Drive
  • Promotes that It’s 100% Safe
  • Claims to Cause no Side Effects
  • Heightens Up Sexual Sensation
  • Leaves Skin feeling “Good”
  • Does have an Official Website
  • Promotes to Work Immediately
  • Increases Sexual Appetite
  • States to Power up Sex
  • Longer-Lasting Sexual Activity
  • Mentions to Treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Shares to have a 60 Day Refund Policy


  1. The partner/brother of Xanogen Oil such as the pills was a scam item where we found on several fraud ads claiming “3inches-3weeks“, and “4inches-4weeks”. – Over-exaggerated claims
  2. The company failed to show any professional healthcare approval that the “extra sensation” is safe for us as users.
  3. There is no proof from any clinical structure provided to back up the promises.
  4. Promotes that folks who used this formula gained 2″ inches in penis size which is unreal in reality. – Is that even possible?
  5. No customer users were found to indicate their experience.
  6. Someone mentioned on Amazon reviews that it’s “not worth it”.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Yes, the company (Applied Science Labs) mention to carry a 60-day money back guarantee but are for only the supplies of 2 months or more.

Yet, it is not a 100% full refund policy because the shipping/handling fee will not be included as they explained at their return policy page.

Of course, It’s for only those who order from their official website since it’s available in a few retail websites such as Amazon,eBay, etc.

According to the website of Xanogen Oil, the credit card transaction will appear as “Herbal Research” name and they state to deliver all orders in a plain discreet package.


However, even though it’s just a lubricant formula, no prescription is necessary but for folks who are on medical prescription, they mention at the FAQ section that men with a pre-existing health condition should not “combine Xanogen Oil with any prescription medications“.

Unless you consult a physician or healthcare doctor. Only users over the age of 18 are allowed to use this product.Xanogen-HGH-Factor-Combination-Combined-3weeks-3inches-4weeks-4inches-free-trial-basis-sample-scam-pills-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Closing Opinions

Men who were to use this Xanogen Oil would have to be cautious since there are several warnings on the product’s label.

As I stated earlier about the “extra sensation“, it might not be the best feeling in my opinion.

In fact, the Xanogen pills that I used in the past did claim to have a “free trial” conjunction (HGH Factor), which both of them extremely failed to give me the expected results of growth size on either my penis size or muscle development.

Believe it or not, I am not the only one who found the items to be a scam which makes no difference with this Xanogen Oil who claims to enlarge penis size by 2″ inches.

When, there is no such thing or else we men wouldn’t have a problem with gaining additional size on their manhood, am I right?


There is a lubricant formula that I personally used and I actually gave it the most points due to myself being the proof that it works amazing.

VigRx Oil states to absorb 95% of the sexual compounds directly to the bloodstream of the penis tissues and when I followed the Penis Enlargement Bible, which is a program to gain real and permanent size, I used VigRx Oil for the penile exercise routines and it actually helped me a lot.

I love the feeling of it when I apply a small dime size and since it has Aloe Vera Gel with several ingredients, it makes my penis skin smooth and a great feeling.

I faced no messy such as greasy, oily or sticky like other lubes out there.


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