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Xcel Male Enlargement Patch – Does It Work? – Review


Xcel Male Enlargement Patch – Does It Work? – Review

Now a days, for you to gain a harder and firmer erections, we (men) don’t need to take male enhancement pills because they invented an easier way and probably safer to just apply a patch onto the skin and should gain results.

However, Xcel enlargement patch promotes that it was created to increase penis size, but we want to know if it really work, as they seem to claim it does.

Well, let’s find out and I’ll tell you all about it now on how it works !Xcel-Male-enlargement-Does-it-work-patch-penis-size-patches-review-results-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Xcel Patch

Website: Amazon or Online Retailers

Minimum Price: 3 Month Supply – $49.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 76 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 90 Days

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown 

What Are Xcel Patches?

Xcel is a male enlargement patch, where they highly claim to increase penis size growth on all men with its potency ingredients of herbs.

Unlike pills, who have to travel through the digestive system to reach the bloodstream, these patches supposedly will hit bloodstream much faster.

Perhaps, looks like there is no official website, but only available in retailers.

According to our sources, Xcel claims within 2-3 weeks, a bigger size should occur for longer and larger erections.

Not just that though !

They claim other sexual benefits as well, such as to boost testosterone production with more energized and improvements on overall sexual health and function.

How Does It Work?

What these enlargement patches should do, is release the active-ingredients from the skin surface to the bloodstream, when applying it to the body skin.

Yes, you’ll keep it there for a few days and it should do its job and that way, they promote that the penis will grow by stimulating blood circulation to the penis tissues to create a stronger, bigger erection.

When feeling sexual aroused, the brain release a hormone to let the body know to send blood directly to the penis chambers and the (Cavernosum and Spongiosum) should expand by 20% to 30%, as according to them.Xcel-Male-enlargement-Does-it-work-patch-penis-size-patches-review-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

It should strengthen these penis chambers as well. 

In fact, they call it this system, the “Dermal Patch Technology“.

However, they mention that by a week or 2, flaccid penis will hang thicker, and by 3 weeks, I should feel and see results of a longer, fuller erect penis.

My confidence and self-esteem should also rise and by then, I should believe penis growth size can achieve just by a small patch, since it expands the chambers to hold more blood for a bigger penis.

Keep reading to find out more !


There are a number of ingredients listed together and they are all herbs, amino acids and nutrients.

Xcel Male Enlargement Patch carries the compounds such as L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Pumpkin Seed, Nettle Leaf, Oyster Meat, Oat Straw, Sarsparilla, Pygueum, Maca, Zinc, Cayenne, Astragalus, Boron, Orchic Substance, Licorice Root, and Catauba.

With all these active-ingredients together, it should delivery straight to the bloodstream and that way, it should have me ready for a satisfied sexual intercourse.

For Who Is Xcel Patches?

Of course, Xcel Enlargement Patches are for all men, who don’t have the penis size they desire and therefore, Xcel patch should change their sexual life, since it’s the solution to gain “growth”.

It should stimulate satisfaction and sexual pleasure.

Are you having difficulty getting your member there hard?

Well, a few ingredients that they have included in the formula’s complex, it boosts up the nitric oxide levels and helps create stronger and harder erections.

If I were to use this formula, my stamina and sex drive increases for more ability to perform better.

They claim that I will last longer in a sexual activity and should improve sexual function as well.

How To Use Xcel Patch?Xcel-Male-enlargement-Does-it-work-patch-penis-size-patches-review-results-skin-becoming-alpha-male

They want we men to start and place a patch right on the chest area and press it firmly, or you apply it on buttocks where no hair is surrounded.

Each patch should stay on for 3 full days (72 hours), but they do not recommend applying these patch around the genitals/penis area or anywhere around the face area.

Every 3 days, users should place it to a new different spot.

From 30 to 90 days, we men should have gained a larger penis, but will depend on our body type, some experience within the first 3 weeks, as they claim.



  • Promotes to Gain Penis Size
  • Sexual Performance Increases
  • Improves Health + Sexual Function
  • All Natural Ingredients – (Herbs, Vitamins)
  • Easy-To-Use (Every 3 Days – Apply a Patch)
  • Claims to Gain Harder, Longer and Stronger Erections
  • Sexual Desire Should rise for more Sexual Pleasure
  • Control and Last longer (Maintain Ejaculation Control)
  • Fair Price (Not too Expensive – 3 Months Supplies : $49.99)


  1. No official website found. – Only available at Amazon or online retailers.
  2. Couldn’t find any money back guarantee – Makes very risky.
  3. Users who does have any health conditions, they suggest to speak with a medical doctor before taking steps on using it.
  4. Exaggerated Claims. – Penis grows within 2-3 weeks and up to 3 inches by 90 days. – Impossible
  5. There are no clinical studies or any scientific proof to back up the claims.


Unfortunately, with the promotion of these male enlargement patches, we couldn’t find any sources of evidence to back up the product, especially with no official website, which makes it a non-professional product in my opinion.

One site we found, a promoter claimed “Doctor Samuel Silverman” recommends this penis enlargement method that it’s completely safe, effective and claims it’s an “advanced” formula as well.

However, as I mention previously, there is no money back guarantee, where it makes it slightly risky to grab an order of such a product with hyped-up claims and without any proof that it actually works.

We don’t know if its discreet packages from anyone not knowing what’s inside when it gets shipped.

In fact, how can we get in contact with them?

Bottom Line Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, he have found a number of testimonies that the promoters added to their website regards this Xcel Male Enlargement Patch method, and it was was all hyped up and over-exaggerated claims of statements.

If it really works like they are claiming, where is the official website?

How come it’s not popular or highly known like the ProEnhance Patch, where actual users mentions their experience of results and researchers tested shows that it’s really effective

Ok, harder erections and sexual performance may really improve because of the active known ingredients, but the “enlargement” hyped up claims of inches?

I don’t know about that from my personal experience with male enhancement products out there.ProEnhance-patch-patches-proenhance-review-how-it-works-best-male-enhancement-patches-becoming-alpha-male

Believe it or not, the only way for penis enlargement growth to occur, is to restart the puberty stage all over again and that way, the male organ grows in a completely natural way.

I followed the Penis Enlargement Bible and my member here actually gained some great size of growth.

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