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XLoads Ultra Pills Reviews – Is It Really a Scam? Here’s Proof

XLoads Ultra Pills Reviews – Is It Really a Scam? Here’s Proof

XLoads Ultra labels themselves as a top selling orgasms booster.

In fact, they claim to be from a company that’s known in the male enhancement industry.

Yet, this so-called company might not be all that great because I used one of their product plus did a review regards on it.

But maybe this XLoads Ultra might be different from others so let’s demonstrate the promises of product’s background and how it works.

Dramatically increased volume? Keep reading !XLoads-Ultra-pills-reviews-scam-side-effects-before-after-results-false-caps-volume-semen-sperm-enhancer-booster-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: XLoads Ultra

Official Website: www.XLoadsUltra.com


Minimum Price: At Main Site – $39.95

Retailer Sites have it for $20 to $30 Bucks

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 12 Weeks 

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is XLoads Ultra?

XLoads Ultra is a semen volume enhancer to intensify sexual orgasms, increase loads of cum and several other benefits.

The formula does have an official website where we found it from the same manufacturer/company as (Vaso 9 or Vaso Ultra) male enhancement pills.

Researched Applied Science claims to have developed the pills in the country of Japan than brought it to the USA, Europe and Australia regions. 

At the XLoads Ultra primary website, they offer to show a page for the “science” section and looking through it, it’s all statements saying this, this and that.

They mention “THE PROOF IS IN THE SCIENCE” but no “realevidence of any scientific structure or data shown.

Yes, like every other products online, they provided testimonies claiming from “real people, real success” but no videos or handwriting success stories.

Ingredients ListXLoads-Ultra-Ingredients-pills-reviews-scam-side-effects-before-after-results-false-caps-volume-semen-sperm-enhancer-booster-becoming-alpha-male

XLoads Ultra does promote to carry all natural and effective pharmaceutical grade compounds.

Some of them are recognized in the male enhancement industry but again this formula is a semen volumizer.

As shown on product’s ingredients label, it has the main component (Zinc Oxide) where it’s an amino acid for sperm quality and quantity.

Now the XLoads Ultra proprietary blend contains Jujube (Zizyphus Jujuba), Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Pineapple Extract, Dodder (Semen Cuscutae) Seed Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat Straw) Extract,Panax Ginseng Extract, Sarsaparilla, and Propreitary Semilex Extract.

The makers of the product mentions that it’s 100% safe to cause no negative side effects.

Even though, there is no medical supervision or any professional expert to approve and recommend this XLoads Ultra formula to all men.

How Does XLoads Ultra Works?

The ingredients in the XLoads Ultra pills should turbo charge the male system to produce more sperm and cause “multiple orgasms” as explained.

The company claims to “dramatically increase ejaculate volume“, intensify orgasms and improve the quality of semen.

According to them, all we as a customer user would have to do is take 1 single pill per day in the regular basis and within a small time frame, we should experience ejaculation improvements.

Each XLoads Ultra bottle comes with 32 capsules from the “original” RAS container shown at the main website.XLoads-Ultra-RAS-pills-reviews-scam-side-effects-before-after-results-false-caps-volume-semen-sperm-enhancer-booster-32-capsules-becoming-alpha-male

However, it can take up to 12 weeks (3 months) for the full maximum results.

What Are The Claiming Results?

The creators of this volume enhancer does claim a 99% successful rate where they promise to increase sperm ejaculation of loads by 500% and 200% stronger powerful orgasms.

Again, no proof of evidence from clinical studies or scientific trials conducted to back up the claims of the effectiveness.

The pills of XLoads Ultra should heighten up the intensity of sexual orgasms for more pleasure and satisfaction.

Improves the quality the of sperm and improvements on testicular function for faster recovery.

It should boost up the semen production to dramatically shoot 500% of large loads of cum.

They also mention to enhance sexual experience such as libido function, vitality, and by doing all of that, you can expect confidence levels to rise if it’s exactly what taking the pills does.


The Advantages:XLoads-Ultra-pills-reviews-scam-side-effects-before-after-results-false-caps-volume-semen-sperm-enhancer-booster-32-capsules-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claim 500% of Sperm Volume
  • States Intense Ejaculation
  • Should be Completely Safe
  • Improve Testicular Function
  • Promotes Faster Recovery
  • Claims 200% Stronger Orgasms
  • Improvements on Sperm Quality
  • Added to Boost up Libido Levels
  • Stimulates Sexual Pleasure
  • Carries all Natural Components
  • Only 1 Single Pill Per Day
  • Enhances Sexual Experience
  • Increases Confidence Levels
  • Presents to have a 100% Guarantee

The Disadvantages:

  1. They show a “100% Money Back Guarantee” sign but no information is found at the official website. – Risky
  2. Oh, “The Proof Is The Science“? Where is the proof at? No “real” evidence is shown.
  3. We are unable to find any customer user reviews or anyone to mention their experience when using this formula.
  4. It’s from the same company (RAS, Inc) as the Vaso 9 & Ultra where I am familiar from my personal experience as a scam item.
  5. 1 single capsule per day makes it hard to believe that 500% in ejaculation volume plus 200% more powerful orgasms. – Seems unreal
  6. There are no healthcare expert to endorse the product to confirm its safety and effectiveness.
  7. XLoads Ultra was not made in the USA but in Japan than brought it to the US region.
  8. Several retailers sell the bottle of pills for half of the “original” price of $39.99 to $19.95. – On Amazon: $29.00, eBay : $24.90
  9. We found in 2 third-party websites to sell the formula from a whole different manufacturer/company called (BioVita Labs). Is it a scam?


If I were ever to order from the primary website of the XLoads Ultra formula since they mention a “100% Money Back Guarantee“, but we found nothing about any refund policy.

We don’t know how long is this so-called “guarantee” for where it seems misleading to me.

Looking at the FAQ section, it says nothing about discreet shipping or how credit card transaction will appear.

Xloads Ultra supplement was found available in Amazon retailer as well.

Closing Thoughts + Opinions

After reading this review, we have many questions that needs to be answered before calling the item a scam.

First, we did notice some of the promoting websites have the container with only 30 pills and the XLoads Ultra official website labels to carry 32 capsules.

I personally used its partner who goes by the name of “Vaso 9” than a new formula called “Vaso Ultra“, by using both of these “get-bigger-pills one after another, these both blue pills completely failed on me.XLoads-Ultra-pills-reviews-scam-side-effects-before-after-results-false-caps-volume-semen-sperm-enhancer-booster-32-capsules-BIOVita-becoming-alpha-male

The claims were 2-5″ inches. Yes, completely false and hyped-up plus over-exaggerated promises which we reviewed it as well and found out that it’s really a scam.

Back to XLoads Ultra!

Why does Amazon have the pills who labels from a different company called “BIOVita Labs“? Not only there but another retailer sales it as well for only $20 bucks.

With no proof of nothing and many red flags plus this misleading labels, we can call it a scam in my opinion.


Furthermore, I won’t let you down by proving you the truth.

Let me show you the ones that I actually have “faith” and there is proof that the pills works.

The Semenax formula and the Performer5 does state to ejaculate 500% more massive volume. They both carries a 60 money back guarantee plus are from well-respected companies who have a high reputation in the male industry.

However, the Performer5 with several orgasms booster ingredients, I would take 3 capsules per day for maximum results.

Semenax recommends 2 capsules per day and within 7 days, I should experience noticeable results.

Take a look at my reviews on which supplement best fits you.



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