Zialipro – What Are The Side Effects or Is It Effective and Safe? – See Now

Zialipro – What Are The Side Effects or Is It Effective and Safe? – See Now

Zialipro represents that it’s the solution to treat the ED (erectile dysfunction) problem to last longer than we (men) normally do.

This sexual male enhancement guarantees to gain immediate and long-term results with several other sexual benefits.

But as we do know, it’s not what the product labels, but what customer users are saying about their experience of improvements from using these Zialipro sex-pills.

So here’s before & after results!Zialipro-side-effects-reviews-ingredients-before-and-after-results-review-amazon-where-to-buy-scam-pills-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Zialipro™

Official Website: www.Zialipro.com

Minimum Price: 1 Box – $49.99 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 69 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Immediate Results

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Are Zialipro™ Pills?

A sexual male enhancement product who promises to improve the sexual experience when using the formula.

The claims are to enhance sex drive, sexual stamina and gain stronger erections of hardness.

Zialipro labels that it’s completely natural and no prescription portion is necessary to go for an order of the pills.

They do have an official website, which means there are much information we can gather about the product’s label without relying on retailer websites, even though we found a few independent consumer reviews to mention their experience of results.

Taking this male supplement, the company states that it’s safe, effective and guarantee improvements on sexual function.

According to our sources, we were unable to find who the company is behind the Zialipro formula, but at their main webpage, they do have an address to send them a mail, which seems that they’re based at Canutillo, Texas in the USA.

Any clinical studies for proof of evidence?

No form of data is offered to show, but a doctor so-calledDr. Haltiwanger” who endorses the product, states that Zialipro was made under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards.Zialipro-doctor-endorsement-side-effects-reviews-ingredients-before-and-after-results-review-amazon-where-to-buy-scam-pills-becoming-alpha-male

He actually made a statement that the pills alone will work within 45 minutes by increasing the blood circulation to the male organ.

Now looking at the “testimonies” page, there are a number of success stories, but we don’t really bother looking at those, since most of them at a product’s page are not really from real customer users, but fabricated from the manufacturer from my experience.

How Does Zialipro™ Work?

First, let me give you an idea of the formula’s ingredients!

Zialipro capsules include natural compounds from all over the world, which is a proprietary blend that contains only herbal extracts, known from ancient years ago.

They are such as Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba Bark Extract, Yohimbe Extract, Damiana, Muira Puama, Epimedium recognized as Horny Goat Weed, and Panax Ginseng.

Yet, since they failed to show the quantity and depending on the amount of each component, the Yohimbe ingredient can cause several side effects, such as speeding heartbeat, sleeping problems (insomnia), dizziness, headaches and a few other negative effects.

Like every other sexual male enhancement formula out there, Zialipro boosts up an amount of blood flow to the male genitals.

As the company explained in the Zialipro official website, the substances allow the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety to calm down the blood vessels.

This male supplement promotes to strengthen sexual glands and improve the production of male’s sex hormones. They also mention increasing cardiovascular power.Zialipro-side-effects-reviews-ingredients-before-and-after-results-review-amazon-where-to-buy-scam-Blue-male-enhancement-pills-becoming-alpha-male

Here Are The Claims

A high percentage of men worldwide are suffering from sexual impotence, meaning the erectile dysfunction (ED) issue.

Not only it’s a huge problem of not being able to get your member hard in a sexual intercourse but fails to perform in sexual activity.

These Zialipro capsules claim to fix this condition to get we as customer users (men) in the right track in our sexual life.

Yes, longer-lasting erections of hardness heightens up sexual drive and stamina. Added stronger ejaculation and should have the ability to control sexual orgasms.

Should improve sexual desire, confidence, and satisfaction as well.

These blue sex-pills states to increase sexual appetite and overall performance. The recommended intake is for us men to take 2 capsules since each box comes with 60 pills.



  • Increases Sex DriveZialipro-ads-side-effects-reviews-ingredients-before-and-after-results-review-amazon-where-to-buy-scam-Blue-male-enhancement-pills-becoming-alpha-male
  • Enhances Erections
  • Fixes Erectile Disorder
  • Heightens Sexual Desire
  • Sexual Stamina Rises Up
  • Doctor Endorsement
  • Mentions it’s 100% Safe
  • Controls Sexual Orgasms
  • Claims to Work within 45Mins
  • States Under GMP Standards
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • All Natural Aphrodisiacs Listed
  • Builds Up Confidence + Satisfaction
  • Promotes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. The company’s background is not provided.
  2. No clinical structure of studies was found.
  3. Contains the Yohimbe compound known as a harmful ingredient. – Can cause negative side-effects
  4. We found an individual customer user who said that it does not work at all. Here’s the proof!


Customer Support/Guarantee

No, the 60-day money back guarantee is not a 100% refund because the shipping and handling fee will be not included as Zialipro website explain.

They failed to have an FAQ section to promote if the shipping is discreet from nobody knowing what’s inside the package or the credit-card transaction statement.

In fact, there is no scientific data to prove the effectiveness of taking these blue pills.

Bottom Thoughts

According to our sources, we found resources that Zialipro was reported to a scam investigators team online in March, which kind of makes sense as the customer user in Amazon explains that it completely failed to give the expected results.

I don’t always trust the product’s website to indicate the promises of results, but mostly trust consumers reviews.

For a fact, one of them mentions that he received several Zialipro ads in his email box, where in most cases, it’s known to be a spam!

Meanwhile, If you’re really serious about improving your overall sexual health and function, then let me give you a hand and help you out by showing the VigRx Plus.

It’s all natural male enhancement from a respected company.

VigRX Plus has more than one doctor endorsements to recommend plus approve the formula, and over a decade in the male industry that they even mention having treated over a million men by today’s date.

They carry a 67-day money back guarantee and have real data of scientific and clinical studies to provide safety and the effectiveness for all users.

Maybe it’s something you would like to find out more than head over to my review real quick.


What are your thoughts and opinions on this review? It’s my pleasure to hear from you, and if you have any questions or concerns, I’ll be more than welcome to help you with valuable information. Feel free!


  1. vipul sharma says:

    Arogyam Pure Herbs Size Up Capsule are altering the blood vessels of your penis in such as manner as to make them hold a great volume of blood. This greater volume of blood will produce firmer erections but when time tested and proven penis enlargement herbal supplements are applied you can considerably increase the size of your penis.

    • Hey Vipul,

      Well, just pills alone will not cause increase size of the penis by inches. It will only give you an apperance of a bigger size from the harder and firmer erections, but no actual growth of inches from my personal experience with such “get-bigger-pills”.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Geoff says:

    I received my order of Zialipro three days ago and was, to say the least very excited about it as, after reading all the glowing reviews figured I found the one product I could count on. Wrong! This stuff doesn’t work and it seems the marketers have done a great job of “astro-turfing” their product via the Internet. It did however give me heart palpitations and nausea. I have used other products that work well but have to endure the mark up price from local retailers. Now I’ll find out just how stand up they are about their money back guarantee. I would never recommend this product to anyone.
    Geoff D.

    • Hey Geoff,

      Thanks for taking your own time and sharing your results. Yet, that is the reason why I review such product and come to a conclusion, which if you’re would of had seen my review before giving the product a shot, I bet you the VigRX Plus would be very beneficial to you and all men. You can click here to visit the review !

      Thanks For Sharing,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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