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ZyGain Extender Device – Before & After Results – Consumers Statements


ZyGain Extender Device – Before & After Results – Consumers Statements

The ZyGain official website calls their penis enlargement extender the “Andro extender device“.

However, scrolling down their main website, the company of this product states to gain completely permanent results when wearing this “traction” device.

It looks like this ZyGain extender device might not be any different from the other penis extenders in today’s male enlargement industry.

Keep reading to find out why it’s not probably not the best!Zygain-extender-device-method-side-effects-before-after-results-review-andro-extender-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: ZyGain® Extender

Website: www.ZyGainExtender.com

Minimum Price: ZyGain Extender Only – $129.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 8 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 12-16 Weeks

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is The ZyGain® Extender Device?

Extender devices are known to increase the length size in men’s penis which means it should add inches and achieve permanent gains.

The ZyGain Extender is a traction device that promotes to stretch the penis tissues.

Perhaps, the official website does not claim to be #1 best enlargement method like most products out there.

By just using the extender device, the company added to gain other benefits as well such as harder, longer, and stronger erections.

Yes, ZyGain manufacturer mention that it’s proven to work which you’re about to find out what consumers are saying about their results when using this item.

According to product’s official website, they made a statement that the extender device is “clinically proven & medically backed” by doctors and has the CE (European Stamp) approval.

Yet, they failed to show any real evidence from the ‘clinically proven & medically backed” up statements.

Yes, these type of methods have been long recognized for many years to actually help pick up inches in penis size and straighten the penis curvature to help treat the Peyronie’s Disease.

The ZyGain products have been around for several years in the male enhancement industry and was first introduced in the year of 2006.

How Does ZyGain® Extender Works?Zygain-extender-device-method-side-effects-before-after-results-review-andro-extender-before-after-becoming-alpha-male

Ok, so here’s a look at how it works!

By wearing this based-strap extender device for a period of time through the daily basis, it will stretch various anatomical parts of the penis, which expand the tissues of cells.

By overtime, it should multiple the cells to cause more growth to produce then what happens next, the penis will forcely expand by length for a longer erect penis.

Now more blood will be able to run through the chambers when reaching an erection.

Since they mention to be a safe and “comfortable” traction based-device, the growth results should be permanent.

For Who Is It For?

Millions of men around the world are not satisfied with their penis size.

So the ZyGain Extender device promotes that its for all men who would like to heighten up a few inches on their member size plus they mention to increase erections potential.

As I mention previously, the “Peyronie’s Disease” recognized to make the penis bend slightly to a direction or an angle.

According to our sources, researchers calls it a “plaque” which develops inside the penis to flex and forcely-bend over a period of time.

Which, by using an extender device and stretching your manhood, it can help treat the curvature and make it straight.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t state or mention anything about the “micropenis” issue.

How Long To Wear It?

In product’s official website, we have come across the actual manual of the ZyGain Extender device.

So If I as a customer user were to wear this traction system, they recommend to use it for 2-3 hours for the starting point as the first week to get the penis ready for next week routine.

By every week, the hours increases an additional hour or 2 so by week 4, they added to wear it for the 8 full hours of non-stop stretching.

Official website mention that users would have to keep using it for 3-6 months to achieve the “desire results” from the ZyGain Extender technique.

Meanwhile, we have found consumers to actually claim that this “Zygain” method was “discomfortable” to wear it and had to stop using it.



  • Claims to Add Size in Penis
  • Should be Permanent Gains
  • States to be 100% Safe
  • Added that It’s Proven to Work
  • Helps with Peyronie’s Disease
  • Enhances Erections Potential
  • Carries a 6 Month Return Policy


  1. We found users to mention their experience that it’s not “comfortable” at all when using the ZyGain Extender device.
  2. The “Clinically Proven & Medically Backed” statement is not be proof of evidence in my eyes with no real studies of structure.
  3. If wearing it improperly and not following the correct instructions, can cause the penis tissues to damage. – side effects.
  4. Wear it for up to 8 full hours is too much, when other extender devices promotes to use it for less or even half of this time frame.
  5. No doctor’s approval or any recommendation found that this traction method is safe for us as customer users.
  6. ZyGain Extender is very similar to others which it really is no difference from “basic” devices.
  7. On product’s official website, the testimonies failed to actually look like it’s “real consumers“. Maybe it’s fabricated from the manufacturer?
  8. No company’s background or who supports this product?
  9. Official sales page does not look too “professional”.


ZyGain webpage promotes that buyer’s privacy is strictly respected because they made a clear statement saying ; “Your Order Will Not Ship Until The Addresses Match” and also requires a signature in order to grab the discreet package when it gets delivered.

So, if you’re not home, you will not receive the package until you provide your own signature.

Yes, the credit card statements should be discreet with no content appearance about the product’s label.

ZyGain Extender device claims to cover up with a 180 money back guarantee, just incase it fails to give you results due to the “discomfortable” reaction from wearing it.

Closing Thoughts

Well, first we do notice many ‘negatives‘ which is more than positives in my opinion.

Yet, there are many questions and concerns that needs to be answered before giving this ZyGain Extender a shot.

There’s no form of clinical studies shown or any doctors endorsements to prove it’s safe and for evidence to back up the claims.

Plus, we found a customer user to share his experience that using this particular extender, it was completely uncomfortable and you should know what that means, can’t wear it!

Is it a scam?

I’ll let you make up your idea if it’s a scam or not.

In fact, I won’t let you go without pointing you to an extender device that slightly caught my eyes.

The Vimax Extender, the company provides proof of results structure, doctors clearly recommends it and its unique being a hand-sized device which makes it more comfortable.

You might want to check out my review because it’s a lot cheaper than this “ZyGain” extender and they recommend less time to be wear it in the daily basis.

Which, it should give you real and permanent growth results since they have evidence to cover up the promises.


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