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ZyGain Review – Do You Really Need The Complete Package?


ZyGain Review – Do You Really Need The Complete Package?

A male enlargement system who promotes that it’s the complete package to achieve a larger, fuller and bigger penis size.

Also, claims to improve sexual performance and overall sexual desire increases as well with several benefits.

Today, we’re about to see if it’s true that this ZyGain complete package can back up the up-selling claims.

This review should explain everything you need to know ! ZyGain-Review-Side-effects-results-system-program-red-pills-capsules-extenders-patches-gum-complete-package-becoming-alpha-male



Name of Product: ZyGain™

Official Website: www.ZyGain.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $209.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 36 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 12-16 Weeks For Results

Refund Policy: 180 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Are ZyGain Complete Package?

ZyGain as brand name, it’s a male enlargement system/program to give sizeable gains in penis size to all men, when using the complete package.

It comes with the male enhancement pills, extender and to complete the program, you can choose either with the ZyGain gum or enhancement patch.

Unlike other enlargement programs that might throw you DVD’s, penile exercises, etc., according to ZyGain company, this complete package is all you need where they mention that it’s the only way to gain inches.

In fact, they state to increase the hardness of erections and may boost sex drive.

Also claims that it’s the “#1 best selling male enlargement” over the recent years.

Zygain complete system/program shares that it’s really effective and safeeven though enlargement extenders devices are known cause side effects such as pain, damage the penis tissues, etc.

They also mention that consumers who have been using the system correctly, have gained incredible results, but as the product’s company explain, you will only see results after a period of time of 3-6 full months.

How Does It Work?ZyGain-Review-Side-effects-results-system-program-red-pills-capsules-extenders-patches-gum-complete-package-device-becoming-alpha-male

The ZyGain extender, which they call it the “Andro extender device” will stretch the penile tissues, when wearing it and that way will expand more length to the penis.

They do say that it will allow more blood to enter the penis to create stronger, harder erections.

Now the enhancement capsules are all-natural ingredients as containing the required herbal compounds to boost and stimulate massive blood to travel to the penis chambers for the tissues to expand.

Therefore, the chambers should fill with more blood and that way, users can achieve more growth size in girth.

They mention that this combination will give length and girth results, plus they claim that it should be permanent.


ZyGain formula of capsules carries several herbal extracts and amino acids in a combination, but are only a few ingredients.

They state that it’s completely natural in a proprietary blend.

So the ingredients are Saw Palmetto, Catuaba, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, Oat Straw, Hawthorne Berry, and Horny Goat Weed.

Even though the company only show these few substances, no quantity are provided.

Yet, ZyGain pills are still promoting to be the best male enhancement pills.

As I mention previously, the manufacturer also carries other methods such as the ZyGain patches and the ZyGain gum to increase sexual intensity for more pleasure.

The ingredients that are delivered from the enhancement patches would be Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Fo-Ti (Ho Shou Wu), Ginseng, Gotu ZyGain-Review-Side-effects-results-system-program-red-pills-capsules-extenders-patches-gum-complete-package-patches-becoming-alpha-maleKola and Menthol.

Now the patches are known to work by applying on the body surface and will release the active ingredients from the patch through the skin directly into the bloodstream, which works faster than pills.

But we reviewed it and found it to not be best one around so check out the enhancement patches who got the most points – ProEnhance.

For Who Is ZyGain Package?

Of course the name describes it all, as to “gain size“.

ZyGain complete package promotes to not only add inches, but sexual arousal and energy levels will stimulate.

Erections will become stronger for a bigger, longer and wider penis, as they explain.

Should enhance sexual pleasure for more satisfaction on both man plus partner.

Libido levels should boost as well.

How To Use It?

Manufacturer wants buyers to take 1 pill per day in a daily routine and if using the patches together, you would apply a ZyGain patch onto a “hidden discreetly area” of the body skin surface for a 3 days (72 hours) period of time, then replace it.

The gum is used as for a quick-boost right before sexual activity.

Chewing on it, should release the active-ingredients and that way, increases libido levels for a higher sexual performance level.

Now the ZyGain extender device works by putting your flaccid penis strapped inside it and it will hold and stretch the whole penis froward.

We did look up at the manual of the ZyGain device and looks like they want users to stretch the penis for only 2-3 hours on the first week and by week 4, up to 5-7 hours.

Ouch-ZyGain-Review-Side-effects-results-system-program-red-pills-capsules-extenders-patches-gum-complete-package-becoming-alpha-maleClaims that it’s comfortable and used under the clothes.

They recommend using this complete package for over 12 weeks and up to 6 months to gain maximum results.

Side Effects

Don’t cheat, of course you’ll have to follow the directions when using both pills and extender.

ZyGain capsules were made to send more blood to fill the chambers and according to official website, men with pre-existing health conditions such as high blood pressure, etc, should not use their enhancement pills.

Penis extenders are known to cause pain and break the tissues apart.

However, we don’t see how ZyGain extender is different from the other low-quality devices, meaning as a basic strap-base extender device, which works the same way as the others.

Yet, they do mention that it’s been clinically tested to work, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for all users.


The Good: Complete System/Program

  • Promotes to Enlarge Penis Size by Inches
  • Sexual Desire and Performance Increases
  • Strengthens Erections to reach its Hardest
  • Capsules, Patches, Gum have All Natural Ingredients
  • Sexual Arousal will stimulate for more Pleasure
  • Claims to Gain Permanent Growth of Results
  • Shipped Packages are 100% Secured and Discreet
  • 180 Day Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk Free

The Bad:

  1. ZyGain extender seems to be a simple and basic device, just like other low-quality extenders in today’s market.
  2. Pills contains a blend with only a few ingredients – No quantity provided which might be a weak dose.
  3. Expensive package – One month supply for $209.99.
  4. After the first month, have to wear the extender device up to 8 hours daily – Too much effort to gain results.
  5. According to our sources, users that we found on reviews, mentions their experience that it’s uncomfortable when wearing this ZyGain Device.
  6. Adds that it’s a clinically proven method, but there is no clear medical support that it’s effective or safe for users.
  7. Buyers states that the results took too long and was not exactly what they expected.ZyGain-Review-Side-effects-results-system-program-red-pills-capsules-extenders-patches-gum-complete-package-money-back-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male


Even though all orders are discrete, they mention that in order for package to get shipped, billing address must match the shipping address.

Also, for the safety of all of customer users, when package gets delivered, buyer’s signature is required to grab and receive the package.

They do claim to have an incredible customer support because the guarantee is for 6 full months and by that period of time, size results should have gained or money back as a full refund.

But, one of their consumers states that when they tried contacting the ZyGain customer services, it took days for them to get back and respond to their question. 

Seems unreliable to me !

Bottom Line Conclusion

Now, you know why it’s probably not worth trying out the ZyGain complete package with so many disadvantages.

But wait, do you really need a complete package to increase size?

Me as a customer user have never tried or I personally probably would never go for any extender device because of the daily usage and being uncomfortable.

For a fact, I have only gave variety of the “get-bigger-pills” a shot, but no size results whatsoever.

Recently, I found a complete bible/guide where I learned that the only way to enlarge sizeable growth in penis size is to restart puberty stage all over again, and therefore, my pens grew in a complete natural way.


The Penis Enlargement Bible showed me all the ways to enlarge my manhood size by biochemicals and nutrients to release the secretion hormones all over again, which it gave me experience to improve my overall penis health and I learned how to stop enlargement growth when I reach my desire size.


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